Our now 5 year old son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a little bit over a year ago with the main symptom being short stature. Nine months into a gluten free diet he still had not caught up to his growth potential. We were becoming very frustrated and did not know what else to do.


Beth sat down with us and took the time to get to know our family, our eating habits and our lifestyle. She reviewed our son’s gluten free diet and quickly discovered that he just wasn’t getting enough calories. Beth taught us how to “bulk” up his food intake using all gluten free ingredients and encouraged us to think outside of the box when creating his meals. She offered tricks such as adding extra butter and oil to foods and developed sample meal plans that included many naturally gluten free high calorie foods such as dairy, potatoes and meats. Beth’s friendly, nonjudgmental approach to designing a diet for my son was incredibly helpful to our entire family. At our last doctor’s visit we were told that although he has not completely caught up yet, our son’s rate of growth has increased dramatically and if he continues on this path he will be normal height!

– Jodi S.


I have observed Beth in a nutrition counseling environment for ten years at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She has extensive knowledge in healthy eating and meal planning in both children and adults ranging from caloric needs to healthy eating tips including specialty areas for lipid control, weight management, eating disorders and the diabetic meal plan. She is wonderful with the kids at CHOP and they truly respond to her. Her skills and counseling method were so impressive that I recommended my daughter for her services. As a colleague, I know she is the ‘go-to’ person for any and all questions related to nutrition. It is important to her to remain current in her field as witnessed by her frequent attendance at continuing education programs.

– Cathy Carchidi, Registered Nurse